Off to Sri Lanka on the 3rd february for 2 weeks will be good to get into the sunshine again

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Wel Maggie sold off most of the valuable assets so Cameron seems to want to sell off the rest including most of the Natioal trust woods. Perhaps his cronie Ruperts want to buy some for his newspapers….just a thought

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Would not the governmentbe better off ordering airport companies to spend the amount they would fine them on snow clearing equipment instead of taking money from them??

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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The Gale last night

Had a great night at Nightingales last night and wil be there in 2 weeks time. If you recognise me come and say hello. I don’t bite but may suck if I like you……
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Saw him today

I took the remainder of his possetions back to him and I think he is regretting his actions after having a row with his new guy only 2 months in. and Jamil left his phone in his car and the silent phone calls I had were from his boyfriend so he must be some kind of freak (he wanted to hear my voice). I still love jamil but there are some interesting new opportunities on the horizon……………………
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2 weeks into the split

He is still trying to talk to me as if everthing is normal and wants to be friends and chat oin the phone but all I can think about when I hear his voice is the fact he is seeing another guy and that he has lied to me and cheated on me. I have told him not to call me again but I don’t think he realises how deeply he has hurt me. I am starting to feel better but just want him to leave me alone.
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Bit of a depressing week

My boyfriend of over 2 years has been seeing another guy behind my back. He still wants to be friends but…..well…what do you think. I have a bootload of his stuff and will see him on Saturday morning to return his stuff. If anyone wants to try and cheer me up please feel free. Off to the Uxbridge (Chasetown) on Friday night and open to offers…………………
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Yuletide again

Oh Well Yuletide nearly here but really looking forward to 2 weeks in Negombo, Sri Lanka starting 9th February when the rest of you are freezing your nuts of in the UK. Should be fun, expensive flight, Emirates via Dubai but £12.50 a night B&B at a hotel with AC, cable TV and a rooftop pool – can’t be bad. Palace hotel pic by the pool taken there – see you there perhaps
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7th February for 3 weeks

Not long now off to Sri Lanka on the 7th of February, not going near any of the places that have been bombed. Would like to go to the East again but do not think it will be possibe. I will have to make do with hot sunny days swimming in the pool and hot steamy nights………………hopefully. The only thing that was steamy was the jumbo prawns…….mmmmmm
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